About us

Abute us

Sarapoosh company

Sarapoosh company was stablished on the area 20 thousand meters located in the delijan industrial town three street bahar 5km of the road Delijan-Isfahan and our company because one of the biggest factory in manufactury Isogam in iran .

Our company has 6000 square meter production site for ware house facilities production hall and administrave offices.

managers and shareholders

The company has 3 major shareholders ,wich include

  • Mr Valiollah Jalali : CEO
  • Mr Mohammad Gasemi : charman of the Board and production manager
  • Mr Hossein Jalali

Production  rate: Our Company has 3 production line with of 72000 square meter Waterproofing  wich produce 30000 square meter in three 8hour shifts 24hour in each production line

How to sell :

Our company  sires some deputise to other companies for selling products and support then to sell the products more and all of the Deputize

work under supervision

Mr Gasemi ,Askari,samani are as a sale manager in company and they negotiation in contracts.